The Anambas islands-The Most Beautiful Tropical Islands in Asia (CNN)

Anambas archipelago (Kepulauan Anambas) is a small archipelago of Indonesia, located 150 nautical miles northeast of Batam Island in the South China Sea between the Malaysian mainland to the west and the island of Borneo to the east. Geographically part of the Tudjuh Archipelago, it is administratively a regency within the Riau Islands Province.

Anambas formed lagoons that separate the islands. When sea low tide, you can see several islands connected by a sand dune with other islands. The bottom of the lagoon in the form of white sand with beautiful coral gardens at several points.

The Anambas islands consists of 238 islands, only 26 are inhabited. Because of the natural beauty of Anambas, even CNN named it the most beautiful tropical islands in Asia. Anambas Islands are one of Southeast Asia's most spectacular coastal spots, with good snorkelling and diving spots. Do not be surprised if Anambas referred to as a rival Raja Ampat and its beauty could be beat Maldives.

One of the Anambas islands with good tourism potential in particular is Pulau Bawah, Pulau Penjalin, Pulau Durai & Pulau Nongkat. These Pulau, located about 150 nautical miles northeast of Singapore, is actually a cluster of islets that collectively surround three lagoons, each of which suitable for snorkelling, scubadiving and beach activities.

To reach Anambas by air  you must fly to Tanjung Pinang, capital of the province on the island of Riau Island.

From Tanjung Pinang, Nusantara Air Charter flies to Matak Airport in the sub-district of Palmatak. The 48 seater aircraft flies daily. From Matak airport you must take a speedboat to Tarempa, capital of the Anambas district.

Alternatively, the Conoco Philip oil company has a Fokker 50 aircraft which is also made available for public use when there are seats open. This is  a plane used to transport the company’s staff and flies Jakarta-Batam-Matak, operating daily except Sundays.

From Singapore, take a ferry to Tanjung Pinang port. Then travel by taxi to the airport to catch your plane. If you wish to travel by boat, the MV VOC Batavia and MV Seven Star Island serve The Tanjungpinang-Letung-Tarempa route vice versa.