Angke Mangrove Nature Park in Jakarta

Mangrove Natural Tourism Park is one of tourism destinations which has nature theme in North Jakarta. This park is located in the north jakarta precisely in the residential area of Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). To access this location is quite easily, it could use a personal vehicle, taxi or public transportation from centre of Jakarta city.

Angke Mangrove Nature Park in Kapuk presents the beautifull natural  of a lake surrounded by a mangrove forest with an area of  approximately 90 hectares, making it the mangrove just like the Amazon forest in Jakarta.

There is a lake that surrounding mangrove which is quite spacious and clean, here we can enjoy the beauty of the lake while boating or canoeing. And other uniqueness of these places is visitors can walk on the wooden bridge which was built just above the lake.

The Mangrove Nature Park  is a conservation area managed by a private company. Decorated green clump of mangrove forests, the region is home to a variety of animals ranging from birds to lizards water.