The Batu Secret Zoo In Malang

Batu Secret Zoo is a tourist spot and a modern zoo, located in Batu, East Java, Indonesia. Batu Secret Zoo has 14 hectares of land that is part of Jatim Park 2, besides Tree Inn and Museum of Wildlife. Batu Secret Zoo has several collections of animals from several country, but mostly from Asia and Africa. There are  White Lion, Deer Africa, Bird Macau, Reptile Garden, Flying Lemur, Aquarium, Savanah, Africa Village and others.

Beside viewing the various collection of animals, there are a variety of rides Secret of Zoo Batu, such as Fantasy Land, Animal Show, Brigade Fire, a children's pool themed  Toy Story cartoon, and more.

Address  Batu Secret Zoo located at Jalan Oro-Oro Ombo No. 9, Batu, Malang, East Java. Telphon Number: (0341) 596111. The road to the attractions Batu Secret Zoo can be reached by private vehicles or public transportation.

Other activities that you can enjoy In Batu Secret Zoo, are:
  • Play ground rides
  • Riding elephants circling the predetermined route.
  • Water vehicle tour around the artificial lake.
  • Taking pictures trained animals like birds and snakes
  • Enjoy art painting collections trick to get photos with 3D effects.
  • Enjoy some of the locations of interesting attractions such as Savannah, African Market, Tiger Land, River Adventure, Safari Farm, Hippo & Croc Garden, and more