Exotic Beaches In Lombok-NTT

If you wish to visit the exotic beaches and virgin, just come to Lombok,   East Nusa Tenggara- Indonesia. Here are some beaches that successfully gathered.

1 . Kuta Beach
As Kuta beach in Bali , Kuta beach in Lombok is also frequently visited by tourists both local and foreign . At certain times, the waves high enough and suitable used for surfing . If we go far enough to the east, a small mangrove forests have been waiting there . Boating around the small forest is very pleasant and good choice. This beautiful beach with beautiful views is located in the Kuta village, Pujut subdistrict, about 27 km to the south of the Praya city. The seawater inhabited by various species of fish and coral reefs that you can enjoy with swimming, snorkeling or diving . Sunbathe is a nice activity, it will make your skin brown. Not only five-star hotel here, but to the lower classes is available here, there is also some restaurants , cafes , surf guide and tourism security posts .

2. Seger Beach (The Legend of Princess Nyale Beach)
When going through the shoreline, Seger beach located very close to Kuta. However, when passing through the main road, it will becomes little bit longer to achieve the beach. Seger Beach is also known as a Princess Nyale beach, where every year around the month of February was held nyale scent rituals (bau nyale). The local citizen searching and catching sea worms that tastes very delicious. Many small hills on the Seger beach, that you can climb and enjoy the beautiful scenery around.

3. Tanjung Aan Beach (The Charm Beach)
The location is not far from the beach of Kuta beach. It is only 3 km towards the east. The atmosphere is certainly beautiful and natural, so that visitors can spend time at the beach for swimming, fishing, and sunbathing. This beach has relatively quiet wave characteristics. In the east side, the long beaches with sand-sized grains of yellow pepper, as it is often called sand pepper. While the west side, separated by a small cape, there is a beach longer than the other side with a grain size of very fine sand like white flour.

4. Gerupuk Beach
It is called Gerupuk beach because it is located in village Gerupuk, just 9 km from Kuta to the east. The locals are fishermen, seaweed cultivation, and fish farmers, sometimes They will rent their boat when visitors want to. Gerupuk beach is very famous surfing spot even the best, because the waves are always great throughout the season. This area is equipped with accommodation facilities, bungalows, restaurants, cafes and security posts.

5. Mawun Beach
The beach is like a bow-shaped bay with a deep arch. The hills that flank the beach changes its color when the seasons changes. In the rainy season, the green vegetation is dominated, but while in the dry season the hills will look a brownish color. This beach has a fine sand like flour, especially in the middle.

For everybody who has adventurous soul, a hill which is quite high and steep climb has been waiting for. At the top of the hill, enchanting views  is available to enjoy. Becouse the Mawun beach is flanked by cliffs, the wave is very quiet and almost no waves so it is very comfortable to swim and enjoy the freshness of the sea water.

6. Selong  Belanak Beach

This beach is place of fishermen home, they have many colorful boats are moored. The beach is located in village Selong Belanak, West Praya districts only 34 Km from the city of Praya. The uniqueness of this beach is white sand that shiny when exposed to the heat of the sun. If visitors want to bake sea fish, just wait untill the fishermen back from sea, especially in the morning, they will back with many kind of fish. You can enjoy your fish and make unforgetable vacation.