Way Kambas National Park -Elephant Protection Park

If you want to see an elephant, came to the Way Kambas National Park.

Way Kambas National Park is a national park for elephant protection, located in Lampung,  Indonesia, has an area of ​​125 621 hectares is designated as a national park by the Minister of Forestry Decree No.. 670/Kpts-II/1999.670/Kpts-II/1999.

Way Kambas National Park established in 1985 is the first elephant school in Indonesia. with the initial name of Elephant Training Center (PLG), but since the last few years the name was changed to Center for Elephant Conservation (PKG) which is expected to be the elephant conservation center in taming, training, breeding and conservation. Until now PKG has trained about 300 elephants that have been distributed to all over Indonesia.
Way Kambas National Park, Beside you can enjoy elephant at the Elephant Training Center, you can also surround the National Park while riding the trained elephants. Sitting on them, and touring around the park's forests, will be unforgetable journey in Way Kambas National Park.

The awesome attractions at Way Kambas National Parks is elephant dancing. Elepahants are able to dance with musical accompaniment skills in circus performances. For example, play ball, shake hands, respectful, draping flowers, tug of war, and swimming. Beside You can also ride elephants.

In this National Park, elephants are not only one thing that you can see. There are many other interesting wild species life. Such as partridge sumatera (Galus varius), wild boar, deer, monitor lizards, grouse, python snakes, Sumatran tiger (Panthera tigris sumatrae), tapir (Tapirus indicus), coyotes (Cuon alpinus sumatrensis), gibbon (Hylobates syndactylus syndactylus); and 406 species of birds including wood duck (Cairina scutulata), stork (Ciconia episcopus stormi), snake (Anhinga melanogaster); and various types of reptiles, amphibians, fish, and insects.

The Whole interesting sights in Way Kambas National Park are:
  •  Elephant Training Center
  •  Elephants Attractions
  • Tour Elephant, day and night
  •  Observation of the evening wildlife including observation of migratory birds
  •  Sumatran rhino breeding and research in the Right Way
  •  Ecotourism Along the River Way Kanan
  •  Camping Ground
  •  Mangrove forests

How to get there:

There are two ways to get to Way Kambas National Park :
  1. Flew and landed in RadinInten II Airport (it is a domestic airport that serves the city of Bandar Lampung) in Lampung, Indonesia. And ride bus or rent car from Bandar Lampung - Metro - Way Jepara along 112 km.
  2. From Jakarta to Lampung by crossing the Sunda Strait by ferry. This trip may be more enjoyable. Crossing over from Jakarta to Merak Bakauheni, took about 3 hours to cross the strait. And continue to Labuan Meringgai - Way Kambas via bus or car  (its about 170 Km)

For more information: Call Way Kambas National Park's Office

Jl. Raya Way Jepara, Labuan Ratu Lama, Lampung
+62 (0725) 44220