PANDAWA Beach-The Secret Beach In BALI

Recently, has discovered a new beach in Bali, It is Pandawa Beach. Pandawa Beach known well as Secret Beach, by local resident. because of its location hidden behind a row of stone hills are just overgrown shrubs. According to some locals, the beach is long known. However, because the access is quite difficult to get to the location, this beach empty of visitors. Although there was, it was mostly foreign and domestic surfers who visit.

Pandawa beach located in the village of Kutuh, District of South Kuta, Badung regency, Bali Located approximately 3 miles from the region and Tourism Nusa Dua and Pura Uluwatu.
Pandawa Beach one of the best destinations in Bali today. Color of the sea is almost perfect and fine sand beaches make visitors wish stay longer at this beach.

The road to the beach, about 1.5 km to destination, it is found the beautiful cliffs towering, on the both sides.

Panorama is so beautiful here. Clean white sand with turquoise sea water, typical beaches in some hill.  Silent beaches and tranquil atmosphere. This beach is suitable for bathing or swimming because the waves broke in the middle of the sea.

Playing in beach sand Pandawa is also great fun, because the sand is very soft. Because of its location in the east, we can be able to enjoy such a beautiful sunrise on the beach.

Other fascination of  Pandawa beach is the activity of the seaweed farmers along the coast.  Also we can see  bike trail  activities on the hill. We can enjoy  beautiful scenery of Mount Umbrella Beach Waterfalls spilled onto the beach.

Access to the Pandavas is not so difficult anymore. Its access is fast enough  through Jimbaran or Udayana University. Go through the track near the Faculty of Engineering, Udayana University that will also through the hill area. It is recommend that you use a motorcycle or car to get to the Pandawa Beach.