Cibodas Botanical Garden- Collection of Plants Wet Tropical Highlands

Cibodas Botanical Garden or the forest park (Botanical Garden), was founded in 1862 by Johannes Elias Teysjmann as a branch of the place at the foot of Mount Gede Bogor botanical gardens.

The Botanical Garden, which covers about 80 hectares has many  collection of trees. The collection of hundreds of trees, both old and young trees. Recorded 5831 samples from 1206 species live here.

Cibodas Botanic Garden, which is the gateway for climbers who want to climb Mount Gede visited not less than 400 000 people. The topography of the terrain is mountainous and hilly with an altitude of 1275 m above the sea, the air temperature of 17-27 degrees Celsius.

This Botanic garden with 2380 mm of rainfall per year and temperatures average 18 degrees Celsius, has devoted as the complete collection of upland wet tropical plants, such as a variety of conifers, moss and ferns.

Cibodas Botanical Garden  is intended as a set of ex situ (outside the habitat) to tropical wet upland vegetation. Included in his collection is a wide range of protected species such as tusam and conifers, ferns mountains, forests calothyrsus, there are natural forests and waterfalls. From the entrance to the location of the waterfall is 750 meters. Moss Park Cibodas Collection of the most distinctive of KRC is Cibodas Moss Park which features 216 types of moss and lichen hatidari various parts of Indonesia and the world. With an area of 2500m square, the park is claimed as the only one in the world that lies outside the room and has the largest collection.

Some sites of interest visitors include GHG (Green House), Jalan Araucaria (auracarua Avenue), waterfall and the location of the landscape along the Cibodas fountain. In a greenhouse that contains many cactus, orchids and rare plants that may be different. There are almost 4,000 samples from 350 types of cactus plants of 360 species of orchids are stored in this greenhouse.

Various facilities are available at the facility Cibodas region, ranging from parking space to accommodate dozens of four-wheeled vehicles and buses, equipped with documentation of spatial information Wana Wisata Cibodas, children's play areas, rooms, public toilets, shelters, pavilions, outdoor theater, and camping ground area of 3 hectares which can accommodate 200 tents. At the Botanical Garden there Cibodas Campgrounds Mandala Kitri. There is also a golf course, Mulya Asri Bandung. At the campground looks a dinosaur statue, which give an idea or a warning for the preservation of forests are not disappearing like the ancient animals that lived this history.

Cibodas Botanical Garden is located in the village Rarahan, Cimacan, Cianjur. The distance is about 85 km from Jakarta. Or, about 1 Hours by car via toll road from Soekarno Hatta Airport to Bogor-Puncak-Cianjur. From the road we still have to walk or climb the vehicle approximately 4 km longer to get there. The park is situated at an altitude of 1,500 m, the climate is quite cool.

Many hotels are located near location, staying in hotels near the Puncak is a good choice, becouse the air temperatur around is so cool and not so far from the location. It will different if staying at hotel near Jakarta.

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