Equator Monument

Touring this time to West Borneo, some place there in Indonesia.

Equator Monument  located at the Khatulistiwa (Equator) Road, North Pontianak, West Kalimantan Province. The location is about 3 miles from the center of Pontianak City.

This monument became one of the tourist icons of Pontianak City and always visited by local community and the tourists who come to the Pontianak.
The history of the construction of this monument can be read on the records on wall  within the building.

According to records on the wall  within the building, the construction of this monument as follows:

  1. First monument built in 1928 by a Dutch geographer.
  2. 1930 completed, in form of bollard radialy and dart
  3. 1938 rebuilt with completion by architect Silaban. The original monument is still visible in the interior.
  4. 1990 renovated with the addition of a dome to protect the original monument and also making of duplicate of monument of the size five times bigger than its original size.
  5. Its grand opening on 1991 September 21

The monument consists of four iron wood poles, each with a diameter of about 0,30 metre, with frontage bollard height is two pieces as high as 3,05 radian place backside bollard and the signpost dart as high as 4,40 metres.

Diameter circle in with the "EVENAAR" writing in the middle, is a 2.11 meter long. And there is a signpost dart with 2.15 meter length.

The important and amazing events is while the culmination of the sun, which is a natural phenomenon when the sun was right on the equator. At that time the position of the sun will be directly above the head thus eliminating all shadows of objects. At the culmination time, the shadow of the monument will "disappear" for a few seconds, so does the shadow of other objects around the monument

The sun's culmination time occurs twice a year, ie between 21-23 March and 21 to 23 September. This natural event becomes an  annual event of Pontianak City which attracted many tourist to arrive.

How to get there.

Flying from Jakarta to Pontianak city with a directly flight. Then you can hire a taxi to guide you to the Equator monument. There are many hotels in the Pontianak city. Most popular and famous hotels are The Aston Pontianak Hotels and MercurePontianak Hotels.