Kalimutu Lake- The Lake With 3 Water Color

Kelimutu Lake is a crater lake situated on top Mount Flores (volcano). Mount Flores is located on the island of Flores, District Flores, Ende, East Nusa Tenggara Province, (NTT) Province, Indonesia.

Kalimutu Lake, better known as the Lake Three Colors. Discoloration on the three lakes is influenced by the activity of  volcanic mineral of Mount Kelimutu. Lake Ata Polo is lake which was originally green, then changed to a reddish brown color. Lake Nuamuri Ko'o Fai has a toska color turned into white milk. And the last lake, Lake Ata Mbupu recorded rarely changed its color, is now turning in to black from its original green color. Since 1915, the three lakes changes color several times, between 17-44 times.

Discoloration on the three lakes is just a scientific for fluctuations Kelimutu volcanic activity. According to records, this mountain has erupted terrific in 1830, several other eruptions also occurred in the early 1900s. Even the surrounding community trust, discoloration Lake Kalimutu is not only a common natural phenomenon, but also as an early sign of the occurrence of a something big.