7 Historical Fortress in Indonesia

There are many historic fortress in Indonesia that can be visited when you are traveling to Indonesia. who knows most of the existing fort  get in touch with your country and your history.

1.Fort Marlborough in Bengkulu

Fort Marlborough (Benteng Marlborough, also known as Malabero) is an English fort located in Bengkulu City, Sumatra, Indonesia. It was built between 1713-1719 by the East India Company under the leadership of Governor Joseph Collett as a defensive fort for theBritish Bencoolen. It was one of the strongest British fort in the eastern region, second only to Fort St. George in Madras, India.

2. Fort De Kock in West Sumatra

Fort de Kock is fort heritage Dutch are located in Bukittinggi , West Sumatra , Indonesia .
The fort was founded by Captain Bouer in 1825 at the time of Baron Hendrik Merkus de Kock as the commander of Der Troepen and Deputy Governor General of the Dutch East Indies, that's why this fortress known as the Fort de Kock. The fort is standing on the Mount Jirek and used by the Dutch Army as a stronghold of the onslaught of the Minangkabau people, especially since the outbreak of the Padri War in 1821-1837. 

Around the castle there are ancient cannons 19th century period subsequent years, Now, around this fort grow a city that is also named Fort de Kock, and this day known by Bukittinggi

3.Fort Somba Opu in South Sulawesi
Somba Opu is forts of Sultanate of Gowa built by King of Gowa-9, Daeng Matanre Karaeng Tumpa'risi 'Kallonna in the 16th century. The fort is located at Jalan Daeng Tata, Somba Opu, subdistrict Barombong , Gowa , South Sulawesi

4. Fort Inong Balee di Aceh.

The complex of Laksamana Malahayati’s grave is in Desa Lamreh, Kecamatan Mesjid Raya, Kabupaten Aceh Besar. As a symbol of respecting and the meaning of her war, its location is in hilltop and protected by wall. It’s winged and unwinged slab gravestone type with longfeet square. In her life, Laksamana Malahayati was known as a brave admiral when marched against Portuguese and Dutch in Malaka Straits. One of her great contribution was when she formed a single troop consists of some widows (known as Inong Balee and Benteng Inong Balee) fight against the imperialism.( Deni Sutrisna)

5. Fort Jagaraga di Bali.

The Fort Jagaraga is the fort of Balinese troops against the Dutch in the 19th century. In 1849 the peak of this fortress  occupation by the Dutch after a fierce battle between Bali fighters who tried to defend the Fort Jagaraga, with the spirit of Puputan War, until all the Bali's troops finally had fallen down. And the Dutch troops under the command of General Michaels took charge of  the Fort Jagaraga. Since 1849, kingdoms Bali became a part of the territory of the Dutch East Indies.

6. Benteng Duurstede di Saparua.

The fort is located in the town of Saparua, approximately 50 miles from Ambon. Dutch forts was built first in 1676 by Arnold de Vlaming van Oudshoor. The Fort Duurstede was used as the center of defense and government VOCs during occupied Saparua. The fort is also being a witness persistent struggle led by a Indonesian hero in 1817, he was Kapitan Pattimura.

The fort is quite unique, because the fort was built on the reef as high as 20 feet, it has 24 pieces of stairs to get into, and with the only  one entrance at the front. In front of the castle there is a well. The fort area is located at the edge of a white sandy beach with crystal clear water, beautiful scenery and vast Saparua sea can be enjoyed from this fort

7.  Fort Rotterdam, in Makassar

Fort Rotterdam is a fort built in Makassar on the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. It was captured by the Dutch in 1667 and became a center of Dutch colonial power in Sulawesi. Following the Java War (1825–1830), Javanese prince, and now national hero, Diponegoro was imprisoned in the fort following his exile to Makassar in 1830 until his death in 1855. It was also used as a Japanese prisoner of war camp in World War II.

There are several modest museum exhibitions in various rooms in the Fort. Various local publications about South Sulawesi may also be purchased from a bookstore at the Fort.